aerial works

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Our Services

We are specialists in aerial work with a varied fleet of helicopters and highly experienced pilots.

Aerial photography and filming

  • Recording of sporting events.
  • Recording of commercials or film scenes.
  • Press recordings.
  • Aerial photography of companies and individuals.
  • Aerial photography of houses.

Line inspection

We not only carry out power line inspection flights but also collect and classify data.

  • LIDAR (Laser).
  • 100 Mpx Visual Photography (High Resolution).
  • Radiometric Imaging. (thermography).
  • GPS-IMU (GNSS Inertial Heading).
  • We capture, classify and inspect high-resolution RGB visual data, thermographic images and LIDAR system, with inertial references and GPS positioning of each capture, all correctly classified.
  • Classification in Flight. Autonomous system.
  • In addition, we also carry out pipeline inspections, topographic surveys and any need that can be solved with LIDAR technology.
  • resolver con la tecnología LIDAR.


Make a spectacular jump from our helicopter. We ask NOTAM to make the jumps in the most spectacular places.


As in the fire extinguishing section, our operator BGHELICOPTERS is also an expert in fumigation. Therefore, we can offer you the best service.

Advertising banner

We manufacture giant banners between 500-2000 m2 to make the most spectacular advertising on the market

Fire extinguishing

Together with our operator BGHELICOPTERS, we can offer fire fighting services with the best possible helicopters. BGHELICOPTERS has been working for years in this sector for the Bombers de la Generalitat (firefighters of the Government of Catalonia).

Please do not hesitate to ask us if you need any of these services